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In the past few days (nay years) there has been some controversy relating to dress designers and boutiques. That they don’t really care about their dresses or clients and it really is just about the money. I’m sure that is the case in a very small minority but there are always a few bad apples. There really is very little point in a designer not loving what they do. If they care not, their product has no soul and without soul there is no product. Wedding dresses are important. I don’t think they are the most important thing but I know are still important.

I want to introduce you to the world of high end (and perhaps not so super high end) designers and boutiques and I want to show the people behind the dresses and why they love what they do. So for the past 9 months I have been meeting with designers and boutiques to unravel the word of bridal couture.

I know that when I started to look at dresses, oh so long ago, I was baffled and somewhat intimidated by the whole shebang. As a consummate introvert, the idea of ringing doorbells for service and giant mirrors scared me muchly. So I understand your trepidation and assumption that all boutiques will treat you the same. I understand that if you don’t fit into the typical bride category why you think certain designers would not want to cater for you. I want to show you that you can have the dress you want despite your reservations. It’s not all about conforming to type.

I like to think I have given designers the right to reply regarding bad press or “forum talk.” Yes, I get to see them at their very best but I have been given the opportunity to see why designers love what they do and why you looking amazing is actually fabulous press for them. They want you to look and feel good. I want to show you that they do actually care.

So next week I shall introduce you to my first treat of a wedding designer. I’m really quite excited. My first one is a rather good one! Eeek!

In that vein, if you are a bridal designer that I have not been in touch with I would love to come and visit you please do get in contact with me, my email is I am based in London but I do hope to do some travelling farther afield so do come and say hello. I shall be at The White Gallery this May so hopefully we can have a real discussion soon.

Darling readers, who would you like to see grace these pages?

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