Wedding Inspiration with a little rocker twist

Hannah Beth

Do I have some images to show you today.  A fabulous shoot which has been burning a hole in my hard drive for the past few weeks. I’m so glad I get to show it to you today! Look at that tulle!

When Natasha Jane first showed me a little sneak peek I got rather excited. Oh yes. Glitterballs how do I love thee. Let me count the ways. I think I was still hoping for a room of glitter balls the day before my wedding. Alas snow and prop hire do not a happy wedding make! However, mark my words darling Bean, our bathroom will one day dance with the light of a thousand mirrored shards. But enough about our future fabulousness!

Natasha organised a shoot at the end of January with four themed rooms and four different photographers.  How fabulous to see four different takes on the same subject and light. I’ve tried to include different images from the shoot from the different perspectives. A vital ingredient when choosing your wedding photographer. How might they pose you?

We are rather lucky to see some of the images today because they are also being featured in the new into new bridal magazine debuting 26th April called Unique Bride (you may know as its from the creators of Vintage Life magazine).  As well as that you can also see some of the other images from the shoot on the rather wonderful Bridal Musings today (but do try and come back and say hello to me – what Elizabeth does is rather special though. Shakes fists in a non threatening, she is too lovely way!)

Holly Booth

Whilst a great deal of effort when into styling the model. I do love the detail of the almost macabre table setting.  Complete with the very important Hendricks. Not that I’m insisting you need gin to help with your wedding but a little sip can help! I have to admit that I wish I had used black more in my wedding. From delicate lace to grand statements in flowers or material. There is a way in inject a little chic timeless style into your wedding.

Holly Booth

Who doesn’t love a leather jacket on a bride? But use this as your inspiration. Do you have a favourite or special coat or does your future spouse? Especially if you are wearing mostly white the addition of a different colour or texture can make your unique statement. I had that coat. (I left it in London – bother!) Also hello pretty flowers. I think they are hyacinth blooms threaded together. Clever albeit time consuming but stunning.

Hannah Beth

Then on to make-up. Don’t go with trends if you don’t want to. The Duchess of Cambridge went with over kohled eyes and it worked for her. (Just!) What is your signature look. Do you want to look like you on your wedding day or do you want to look different. I wish I had gone for a darker lip and been a bit more adventurous but before I was married I had never worn red lipstick. Now is your chance to have some fun with make-up. Go to the make-up counters and ask them to experiment. Yes they might go over the top but you will learn what works for your skin tone.

Rei Bennett

And hair. Again don’t assume you have to wear your hair up. Yes it can be much easier to maintain the same look through the day but if you usually wear your hair down. Go for it. I do like a little crimping with a few intermingled curls but I think it works best on blonde hair where you can really see the contrast.

Holly Booth

Accessories. Coco was right. And I paraphrase but “Always remove one thing.” You don’t need the cuff and the headband and the necklace and the other necklace and the pearls. You can have them all if they work together and by work together I do not mean matching! But you don’t need a lot of jewellery. If you can only afford a little use all that money to  buy one fabulous thing. Something that you will want to wear again and again and pass down to a niece, daughter or friend. Oh and embrace asymmetry. It is far easier to wear something ostentatious when it is asymmetrical.

Liam Perkins

Don’t forget about those fabulous details. Say yes to a gold cake. Say yes yes yes! Take away those roses and let it glisten in all it’s glory. Make sure there are lights you can direct towards it at some point. Don’t leave those lights on it for long though. No-one likes melting cake!

Holly Booth

Finally my favourite shot. Oh to have a shot like this. The light, oh the light!

The  Fabulous Team


Holly Booth -

Hannah-Beth -

Rei Bennett -

Liam Perkins -

Model – Cassie Hawthorne

Room Styling

Natasha Jane -

Sabrina Gittens –

Dresses – The Wedding Club -

Headwear – Natasha Jane -

Shoes – Rachel Simpson -

Jewellery – TerryTerry -

Hair – Hedshed -

Make-Up Artist – Jade Crean -

Flowers – The Flower Centre -


Ben the Cake Man -

Delish -

Stationery – Cabinets of Curiosity –

Venue – Highbury Hall -

Accessories – Wedgewood & Arthur Price

Art Direction/Organiser/Coordinator – Natasha Jane 


Thank you so much Natasha for letting me share these images with you.

So do you like? Will you be bringing a soft rocker edge to your wedding? Or are you going hardcore! Tell me all!

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