I know you are busy bees and are probably being deliciously industrious but do you have a moment for a quick cup of coffee and a little typing?

I have been making exciting new changes too. What do you think? It was all a little spur of the moment, yesterday. I’m trying to take charge and well a change is as good as a rest and all that. (I am not looking forward to seeing it after I’ve washed it!).

However today I’m feeling in a rather nosy mood.

I’d love to hear more about you. So in that vein I thought I share a little more about myself. This is me “apparently” saying my first word and my mother’s attempt at recording it for posterity. The word was Concorde. When I was little we lived under the flight path  and “apparently” I used to toddle outside and point into the sky as it passed over. The parents swear blind it was my first word. Hmm we think not but it’s a nice story anyway!

Cute no?

So, I shared something silly. I’d love to hear something exciting and/or silly from you.

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