our wedding

a gifday of fun

So yesterday I showed you the cutest animated gifs from the lovely Emma Lucy Photography.

So as an ode to a certain birthday boy, the darling Mr Tinker, one of Bean’s boys take centre stage.

I believe these images were taken the day before our wedding.

make gif animation
Oh the bloody snow
Made for pretty pictures though
Ahh the memories.
(haiku love!)
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my (our?) wedding

It’s almost 18 months after our wedding and I’ve never really talked about for various reasons. I implied that I may open up on many occasion but it never really felt right.

I’ve detailed before a few reasons why I’ve not liked to talk about it. From body issues, venue issues and general insecurities. I want to say it is okay not to love your wedding. I want to tell you it doesn’t have to be the best day of your life because my wedding day certainly wasn’t. There have been other far more important days for me. I know you are now expecting a but..it’s just not coming. I stand by all of these statements. I want your wedding day to be in the top 10 of your best days but not the pinnacle. There is so much more for you to celebrate and embrace after you say I do. Whether you both live to 100 or like my Mamgu, live without your one true love for longer than she did with him. There is more.

However, I’ve got my new glasses, new fringe and myspace pose (thank you Bean for saying that about this picture) and so perhaps it’s time I changed my view of myself. Time to take of the cruel glasses of self-hate, my grey tinted spectacles if you will? (That doesn’t mean I will lose my love of cliche!) I’m not saying I shall procure rose-tinted contacts but how about just looking at my wedding with neutral eyes?

So deep breath. From next Wednesday I will be talking about my wedding. Hopefully with a little input from Bean. I’m going to be deliciously self indulgent and finally lay the ghost of my wedding to rest. It is time to move on and embrace my future. I want to move onto more creative wedding fun and share with you the hundreds of ideas I never really spoke about because I didn’t want to spoil my wedding! We all live and learn. Here’s to the learning.

Please will you join me? I know I’ve spent many an hour pouring over your weddings and hope I can offer something a little different but still emotionally satisfying.

The photo some people love but I really can’t. Perhaps after all of this I will.

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